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Promotional Products are the best Marketing Tools in Copley Ohio to Attract Clients' & Customers' Attention

Four Corner Promotions is the best marketing solution to attract potential clients’ and customers’ attention, in the Copley, Ohio area and beyond. Promotions products will drive business to you by meeting people where they are, when they need you. Promotional items are long-lasting, functional items that will serve actual needs while also delivering brand awareness.

Our promotional products ensure that your Copley business is always top-of-mind. From our nearly 10 years of experience, we have learned the best ways to gain exposure by having promotional products appear in:

The Kitchen
The Car
The Workplace

Promotional items that exist in these environments create the most impressions and ensure longevity in your customers’ lives.

Promotional Products Reliably Draw Client and
Customer Retention

At Four Corner Promotions, serving Copley, Ohio and beyond, we are highly skilled at matching your business with the perfect promotional products. We seek to achieve the cornerstone of sales 1.) Securing your items quickly, 2.) at an affordable price and 3.)the greatest quality.

Our strength lies with how well we help companies get noticed, create value and achieve sales results through the dissemination of promotional products.

Key factor: promotional products achieve the lowest cost per impression out of all advertising options. There’s no better way to connect with your potential client than by placing one of our products in their hand.

You will generate brand awareness on a daily basis. There are no limits on the scalability of your reach.

Great Selection & Great Product Range

Four Corner Promotions can handle orders of all quantities, and we can deliver them to you quickly in the Copley area and the state of Ohio. We carry the latest trends in promotional products and can help you select the best fit for your company. What about pens that light up and your logo shines through? Other categories we feature:

Wearables with high-end embroidery or silk screen heat transfers (t-shirts, hats, baseball caps, polo shirts, hoodies, golf wear, scarves, gloves and more)
Housewares (oven mitts, can openers with customized handles, spatulas, pan scrapers, storage bowls, colanders, strainers and more)
Premium items such as Yankee candles, Vera Bradley purses and other accessories, Wenzel gear, Rockland luggage and Vornado fans which can be customized with your logo

Other categories we supply include:

Games and puzzles
Writing instruments
Bags & Totes
Office and stationery
Health and wellness
Home living and tools
promotional products effectiveness

Promotional Products Have Documented Evidence of their Effectiveness

Audience Recall: 88%

Did Business with Brand after Receiving Product: 85%

45% of people keep promotional products for a year or more

Top Reasons Why Promotional Products Work:


The Ultimate Challenges; Brand Exposure & Recognition. Promotional Products are the Solution in Copley, Ohio

By incorporating promotional products into your Copley area & beyond marketing plan, you will be achieving the greatest “Bang for your Buck.” Constant exposure of your brand’s name, logo and slogan are a necessary part of marketing.

Promotional products deliver unlike any other advertising mechanism. You can be sure that you will be noticed, and you will positive feelings will be generated surrounding your brand.

How can we help you?

We can help with promotional marketing efforts; from quantity, promotional product selection, to artwork and ordering, as well as sourcing promotional products that are not on our website yet take a minute and let us know your project aspirations—we’re here to help!

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